I’ve Now Officially Boarded The Brothership

As a sports fan I’m growing up in the wrong era.

More importantly, I’m one of the most boring, old-school sports fans you’ll ever meet too.

Yesterday while a group of friends of mine were watching the Patriots completely mop the turf of Lucas Oil Stadium with the Colts front seven—hats off to the offensive line—a simple question was brought up late in the forth quarter.

Would you guys rather see Jonas Gray run for his fourth touchdown or see a “Gronk” spike here?

Of course a Gronkowski touchdown was the unanimous answer amongst the group with the exception of mine.

“I just want to see them score a touchdown.”

The next play Gray ran into the endzone from one-yard out while Gronkowski picked up a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty for pile driving Sergio Brown into the camera crew on the sidelines.

New England 34, Indianapolis 20.

Now that’s my kind of football.

I’d rather watch that play on an endless loop rather than a mediocre dunk that nine times out of 10 will be the No. 1 play on ESPN’s Top Ten Plays on SportsCenter.

Even though I play it for the social aspect, fantasy football could be eliminated from my life and I don’t think I would mind at all. There’s nothing worse than hearing some say something along the lines of “I hope the Patriots win tonight, but I also want Andrew Luck to play well and score me ‘X’ amount of points”.

Give me a break.

I hate that stuff. If I’m watching a Patriots game, I want to see them kick the crap out of their opponents. I mean, isn’t that what football is about?

My favorite NBA player right now is San Antonio Spurs power forward Boris Diaw. I think he’s the best passer out of any big-men in the league and is the ultimate team player and glue guy. And he’s fat  husky. I can relate to that.

If I could get courtside seats to any team in the NBA right now it would be Spurs, simply because I love watching Gregg Popovich’s offense. That my friend is what basketball is all about. Moving the rock with passing and teamwork instead of watching a superstar dribble the air out of the ball for 20-seconds of the shot clock then fire up a contested fadeaway jumper. Yuck.

Go system teams! That means you Pop and Belichick.

I’ve only seen clips on YouTube but I think that the 1985-86 Boston Celtics were the best basketball team ever created. If I could enter a time machine to watch one player play in his prime it would be Larry Bird. Sorry MJ.

I’ve spent more class time reading old newspaper articles than I’d like to admit—sorry mom and dad. The amount of times I’ve typed “Bob Ryan gamers” into my Google search bar is probably close to 50 times. What can I say, I’m old school.

I’m joining the Brothership team as a weekly columnist and contributor. I’ll talk about what I want and how I want. If this is a 3-0 count with runners in scoring position I’m getting the green light.

Who knows maybe I’ll bring back my old school fandom to some of the younger readers. Or maybe someone in his or her 50s comes across this while drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and appreciates the good old days of sports.

Or maybe I’m just writing to blank space on the Internet.

Either way, I don’t plan on changing my style one bit. I’m perfectly happy.


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