In Miami, Giancarlo Means Money

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What would you do to sign a contract that would last 13 years, and over those years you’d earn $335 million. Probably just about anything right? Playing baseball is making Mr. Giancarlo Stanton this type of contract.

The Miami Marlins and Stanton have agreed this gargantuan deal. This will be the largest contract the baseball world has seen to date. Stanton, at 25, would beat the deal the Yankees gave Alex Rodriguez by about $50 million. Stanton, who finished 2nd in the NL MVP voting last year, was set to make a career payday where ever he were to land. The teams in line to give Stanton the big money deals were the Red Sox, Yankees and possibly Marlins division rival the Phillies. But with this agreement, these teams have run out of luck.

Miami has given Stanton a contract that includes a no-trade clause and roughly $26-27 million per season until he’s 37. But the contract does offer an opt-out clause which has proven to be a back breaker in the past. But the Marlins know they have struck gold with Stanton and can only hope that he will not opt out after the 2019 or the very latest of the 2020 season. Stanton will only be 30 at that time too.

Is Stanton worth the money though? At this point in his career, he looks like he is. But Miami who has missed the playoffs every season since 2003, which was the season they won their 2nd World Series crown. If Stanton can produce like he has in the past, then this was worth it.

Stanton is clearly the entire Marlins franchise. The next thing the Marlins must do is put a supporting cast around Stanton. With a strong supporting cast, Stanton can then lead the Marlins back to the playoffs. Stanton’s large contract now brings into question of other players contracts. Two that come into mind are Yasiel Puig and Clayton Kershaw. The two Dodgers have had success the last two seasons and have performed to the point of a payday. But both stand to make nowhere close to what Stanton will make in this contract.

Another question is how you can offer someone such an extravagant contract when you cannot predict they’ll be healthy. A great example of this is former Yankees embattled slugger Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod got his big pay day, but now is fighting the world of steroids and injuries. Hopefully the Marlins don’t have A-Rod volume 2 on their hands.

With all this being said, locking up Stanton seems to be the good move at this time. Stanton was a hot commodity on the free agent market. Especially for a team like Boston, who had been eyeing Stanton since the beginning of last season. This kills me inside thinking he was almost in Boston.

Miami did what they had to do to lock up their entire franchise. Stanton, whose game has improved immensely, has shown it was time for the payday he deserved. For the sake of the Marlins franchise, let’s hope that this contract can give Stanton the confidence to take every game over. Just think only pitchers and catchers are only a few months away.

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