Rodgers and Packers Show Philly Whose Boss

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Remember when I predicted the Eagles to beat the Packers 30-27 or something like that? Well I was totally wrong and the Eagles stunk it up big time at Lambeau. Final score read Green Bay 53 Philly 20. YIKES.

R-E-L-A-X was the motto Aaron Rodgers used a few weeks back. Yeah let me tell you Rodgers was nice and relaxed after putting about gargantuan numbers in the first half. If you have Green Bay on your schedule at all the rest of the season, good luck. Be afraid, be very afraid of Mr Discount Double Check.

Here’s my take on my beloved Birds. They stunk, plain and simple. They were outplayed the entire game and didn’t look like they were ready for the hostility of Lambeau. Sanchez and company couldn’t get anything going on offense. And lets just say I could do a better job at playing defensive back than the entire secondary. Guys I know Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are good, but come on play a little physical.

Defensive line and linebackers were flat out terrible too. Go figure, huge week last week against Carolina and in patented Eagles fashion they come out and lay an egg this week. Casey Matthews really is not good, not sure why hes still on the team.

The run game was bottle up again, Shady just doesn’t look like Shady this year. Not sure why this is happening, but lets just hope he can turn it on for Dallas in a few weeks. Need less Chris Polk to, guy isn’t doing much and was a one hit wonder a few weeks back. Sorry Chip but the guys really not that good.

Two guys who I’m not too worried about are Jeremy Maclin and Jordan Matthews. When Sanchez was able to get them the ball, they were able to get the job done. These two could be the one-two punch that could lead to Riley Cooper breaking out soon.

Going to have to bounce back big time next week against Tennessee. That game is can really build momentum going into the Thanksgiving showdown in Dallas. For the love of god I hope this game wakes them up and shows them they were just flat out embarrassed. Chip needs to light a fire under them, some tough battles coming up.

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