Gronk isn’t Human and Gray is a Beast, Pats Colts Recap.

Jonas Gray in last night’s win, just doin’ his thang.

Same story different week, the Patriots marched into Lucas Oil Stadium last night and made another convincing case that they are the best team in the National Football League.

The Pats routed the now 6-4 Indianapolis Colts last night 42-20 in what a game which was supposed to be some big showdown of a couple of the best teams in the AFC. I guess it started out like that, when it was 14-10 at the half, but once the Patriots offensive line and Jonas Gray started to get in their groove it was game over.

We always seem to find our guy by this time of the season that we can trust with the rock. This year, that guy is Jonas Gray and his breakout game was last night, perfect timing. Gray rushed for 201 yards and 4 touchdowns. I loved out offensive attack before with Edelmen underneath, Gronk over the middle (or anywhere on the field) and the occasional long ball to LaFell, but now with a running back consistently breaking the line of scrimmage for 4-5 yards every time? Book it. This team is the best in the AFC by leaps and bounds.

What I don’t get is why every time we play this team it’s supposed to be some sort of big game. I know the media makes it a huge deal because they want Luck to be the next Brady but news-flash everyone; that ship has already sailed. Yes Luck will be the best quarterback in the league someday, probably not too far down the road, but he will not be Tom Brady. He simply doesn’t have the early rings.

Now, I watched the game last night, start to finish, and was never once worried that we were gonna lose, not cockiness, confidence. I know that we have the best coach of all time under the hoodie and the best quarterback of all time under center.

Last night reiterated that we have the best quarterback of all time. Even when he plays like shit, he still manages the game like he’s ’04 Terry Francona. That’s why the Bill-Tom duo is so hard to beat. In the second half the Colts didn’t ever have a shot at winning the game. We managed it too well.

Moving on from week 11; we get the Detroit Lions this week. Lions just off a tough loss to a very good Arizona  team (best in the NFC IMO*) and will be hungry getting another shot at one of the leagues best in the Pats. But I just don’t see Bill losing to a team that’s that young and inexperienced in big games. That being said, I can’t wait to watch the Johnson v Revis matchup all game. Should be fun. Pats by 24.

* IMO- In my opinion.


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