College GameDay Coming to Cambridge

Harvard Stadium. Image from

Yale and Harvard will play the 131st installment of their storied rivalry this Saturday at Harvard Stadium, and the nation has an opportunity to see it. With a Harvard win, the Crimson (9-0) will seize an undefeated season and be the lone Ivy League Champion. If the Bulldogs pull off the upset, it will be Yale’s (8-1) first win over their rival in the past eight contests and will make them co-champions of the league. ESPN has decided to setup Saturday’s edition of College GameDay at Harvard, making the event much bigger than The Game itself. This will be a celebration of football, a sport that was once dominated by the likes of these schools and their Ivy counterparts, and a reiteration of what a great rivalry it is. “The Game” as it is referred to was first played in 1875, when the sport was in its early stages of development. Walter Camp, a Yale grad considered to be “The Father of American Football” later standardized the rules of the game, and college football was created. Fight songs, mascots, and even bowl stadiums were invented through these two programs, inventing the GameDay atmosphere as we know it. It is always important that we study history and where we have come from, and this is where American Football was born. Great call by ESPN taking its Saturday special back home.

This is unbelievable. For once we won’t be focusing on the stupidity and antics of a guy like Jameis Winston or the various academic and extracurricular scandals supplied to us by top FBS schools. We will be focused on a football game between two teams of student-athelets who want to win for the pride of their schools. This is their national championship, and for most seniors it is likely their last football game. Let’s all look away from the Heisman watch, the FBS rankings and the flashy nonsense of the SEC, and focus our eyes on a beautiful spectacle of sport. Thirty-thousand strong packed into Harvard Stadium on a sunny November Afternoon, watching eleven guys on each side leave in all on the field for the letter on their helmet. I’m all about it, let’s watch football.

For the record, I’m completely biased and will be wearing blue on Saturday. Canadian running back Tyler Varga has been a force for the Bulldogs all season, and he’ll be running the ball down Harvard’s throats all day, keeping the Crimson’s high powered offense off the field and carrying Yale to a stake of the title. Tune in to ESPN for Gameday at 9 AM, followed by kickoff on NBCSN at 12:30.


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