Miss State v. Bama is an Absolute Must Watch

I’m not a big college football guy. Yeah I’ll sit down on Saturday afternoon and watch some casually and I even enjoy the prime time game as well, but I’m not the guy that’s gonna break down the matchup like Jack or Chich will so I’ll leave that to them.

I would just like to say that this game is a must watch. Mississippi State Bulldogs are the classic underdog story of the year. They play in the SEC, the hardest college football division by far. Like I seriously think teams in the SEC could compete with the NFL’s NFC East. They never really make any noise on the national level going just 7-6 last year and 3-5 in the SEC.

This year they are 9-0 overall and are ranked #1 on every poll that matters. Most importantly they are ranked #1 by the Selection Committee who decides who will be in the four team playoff which eventually decides the National Champion. They play the empire that is Alabama University Crimson Tide this Saturday which will one; be an unbelievable test for a team that’s looking to prove itself, and two; they could hand Bama their second loss of the season probably knocking them out of the playoff.

Long story short, I watched this video the team released and it not only got me amped to dig into my couch come 3:30 on Saturday afternoon and watch this battle, but it motivated me to like get out of bed and go to class and cure world hunger. Seriously whoever this made this video, bravo, it’s brilliant.


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