Searching for 46

The Bruins face-off tonight with division rival Toronto Maple Leafs and even though they are sporting a cute 5-game winning streak, first (or second you never really know) line center David Krejci will once again be out of the lineup.

This will be the seventh game of the season that the Bruins will be without one of their top point getters. He did not make the trip with the team to Canada for their short road trip so he will miss tonights game in Toronto and tomorrow nights game in Montreal.

So what the hell is wrong with this guy? It’s an undisclosed injury so there’s something wrong with him that they don’t want us to know about. It can’t be that bad though, right? The guy was playing every other game last week so that must mean this injury has to be getting better because he wouldn’t be playing if it were getting worse.

Besides for him being a little slow at times, I haven’t seen much wrong with him and thought he moved the puck pretty well against Edmonton Thursday night, the last game he has played. Not to mention he was out there for the final shift which means he didn’t get hurt mid game and was able to finish it out.

Bottom line; I’m not worried.

This doesn’t seem like an injury that will jeopardize the season because he’s been playing on it. I’d much rather see him limited in November than mid May. Bruins are playing pretty good right now so if I were Claude I wouldn’t push his return.

Let him sit this roadie out while the guys take care of the Leafs then battle it out with the Habs. I’m no doctor and have literally no idea what’s wrong with him but I expect Krejc to be back to almost normal by after Thanksgiving.

By then the Bruins will be in mid-season form and probably won’t lose another game until February.


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