Quarterback Resurrection

Philadelphia Eagles v Houston Texans

Two former USC Trojans quarterback are on the road to career resurrection in the NFL. I’m talking about Mark Sanchez and Carson Palmer. Palmer and Sanchez both were highly touted first round draft picks (1 and 5 respectively) with high hopes of Super Bowl glory. But well that did not exactly happen right away

Carson Palmer as we all know was picked 1st overall by Cincinnati in the 2003 draft. Palmer shined early on in his time with the Bengals but was plagued by injuries and poor performances during his time there. Palmer who was supposed to lead them deep into the post season struggled in the playoffs as well, going 0-2. Palmer left Cincy to go to Oakland. Lets just say that his time in Oakland was not anything good either.

Fellow Trojan Mark Sanchez was picked 5th overall by the Jets. Sanchez like Palmer shined early in his time there. Leading them to back to back AFC title games. But a couple seasons and a butt fumble later, Sanchez was kicked to the curb by the Jets.

This is were the story get good. Palmer leaves Oakland to go to the Cardinals. Since joining Arizona, Palmer holds a 15-5 overall record. Look at this year, Palmer missed a few games but has played outstanding in the games he appeared in. The best part is the Cardinals are an NFL best 7-1. There you go Carson.

Sanchez will get his chance at a career resurrection this season. Sanchez, who signed with my beloved Philadelphia Eagles, will step in for Nick Foles. Foles suffered a broken collar bone last week against Houston. What then happened was the return of the Sanchize. Sanchez stepped in and ran that Chip Kelly offense like a true pro. Sanchez will start his first full game as an Eagle this week on Monday Night Football when the Birds are visited by Cam Newton and Carolina.

While there is plenty of time left this season, these two guys look to be on the road to redemption. Palmer and Sanchez are two guys who do know how to win football games and have proved that in the past. If both are to stay confident and dominant then we could see them clash in the NFC title game. Hey this all just speculation until they do something miraculo us. Hey that’s why we love football though, always unpredictable.


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